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Entering a substance abuse treatment facility is a major decision that can have life-changing implications. Under the right circumstances, your time in a Dawson Recovery drug rehab facility will allow you to break free of your addiction and prepare you to take back control over the direction of your life. The power of our addiction recovery program in Rainbow City, Alabama can make the difference that you need. Here is what our addiction recovery center in Rainbow City is like and what kind of support you will gain from enrolling here. Addiction recovery is a lifelong challenge, but the proper help will give you the tools and resources you need to succeed.


When you consume drugs and develop a dependence upon them, you also increase the likelihood that you will go through withdrawal symptoms if you stop using. The more you have used the drug, the stronger these symptoms will be. At our addiction recovery facility in Rainbow City, we have trained staff who keep a close eye on everyone who enters, especially for the first few days because it is when the symptoms are the most dangerous. You may have experienced withdrawal already, but there is no way to avoid it when you want to end drug use. It is best to go through withdrawal where we can monitor your safety.


Depending on the severity of your withdrawal, we will begin to work with you on a course of therapy. Therapy is a proven approach that involves talking to you to learn about what reasons you have for abusing substances. Often, this has to do with childhood trauma, economic instability, stress, and several factors are involved. We usually start by diagnosing your substance use disorder. From there, we can move on to considering other mental health concerns that might be contributing to your addiction. We can diagnose that as well in an approach called dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This allows us to understand how we can help you stop using and teach you about ways to shed the negative influence from your life.


We also encourage our clients to do some work in group therapy with your peers. This time can be quite useful because it’s an opportunity to learn. The other clients are facing the same problems, conflicts, and temptations, and they can offer insider advice and guidance. You can do the same for others as well. This process can solidify positive patterns and concepts through practice. It’s also good to start to trust other people. Many of those who suffer from addiction and have experienced trauma have trouble trusting others. Being able to trust others, including your therapist or counselor, will have a positive impact on your stay at the addiction treatment center in Rainbow City.


Your time with us will revolve around trying to prepare you for the future. We believe in empowering you to succeed. We acknowledge how hard things can get and how tempting substances can be. Rather than simply telling you to abstain, we teach you ways to reduce your desire to use, to cope with stress in healthy ways, and build positive relationships and support networks. Moreover, when it comes time for you to finish the program and leave the drug detox clinic, we will follow up with check-ins, tell you how to get important resources, and refer you to any other care you may need. We also want to make sure you will have somewhere to go and a network of support.


Dawson Recovery drug rehab centers are a respite from everything happening in the outside world, a chance to catch your breath and focus. Our addiction treatment facility in Rainbow City has been a part of the community for years. We can help you, get in touch with us today.