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Most experts agree that drug rehab centers are quite important for the health of our communities. Throughout society, people of all ages and backgrounds suffer from addictions. Fortunately, there is now a broad consensus that going through addiction does not make you a bad person. Most rehab clients are ordinary people with disorders that cause problems. These people truly deserve help and appreciation from the entire community.


Our drug detox clinic in Kennesaw, Georgia is one of the most vital program at any substance abuse treatment facility. Although not every client needs to go through detox, this is a fairly common need in any treatment facility. In our supervised detox center, each client enjoys a safe environment where they can cease using substances. Detox is a multi-day process that allows the client to rest and relax. If a person tries to stop using on their own, this can be an incredibly uncomfortable experience. Depending on the nature of the client’s addiction, cessation of use can be unsafe outside of a clinical setting. In our Kennesaw drug rehab facility, clients can securely start their sober lives with minimum discomfort.


Dual diagnosis treatment is crucial at any addiction recovery center. When a client has a substance disorder along with at least one other psychological disorder, that client is said have a dual diagnosis. These are fairly complex cases that require a lot of experienced attention. At any of the excellent addiction centers in the Dawson Recovery network, the staff does all they can do to assist dual diagnosis clients. This is important because it can prove quite difficult to recover from substance abuse without receiving proper treatment for all their psychological issues.


Each addiction recovery facility in our network provides a safe and secure environment for recovery. In the therapeutic atmosphere of rehab, clients from healthy networks of supportive assistance. Under the watchful supervision of trained staff members, clients learn to trust and rely on each other. Within the safe confines of the addiction treatment center in Kennesaw, clients gradually regain their social skills. To really make addiction recovery work, it is critical to maintain complete personal honesty. If you aren’t honest with yourself and others during this critical process, you are essentially wasting your time. Fortunately, most people who enter treatment facilities are willing and able to approach this process honestly.


Within the Kennesaw addiction treatment facility, each client receives one-on-one counseling from a qualified, highly-trained recovery professional. Imbued with deep compassion and ability, these addiction recovery counselors develop outstanding care plans that are carefully calibrated to meet the recovery needs of the client. These care plans include meticulously planned facility exit dates for each client. Although the rehab experience is inherently temporary, it is risky for clients to leave treatment facilities prematurely. Upon leaving the addiction treatment center in Kennesaw, the client is not thrown into the world and expected to deal with sober living in isolation. People can rely on a number of forms of aftercare to get through the vicissitudes of life without abusing substances.


Perhaps the most popular form of aftercare are group meetings. Based on mutual support and personal self-improvement, these meetings have helped millions of users change their lives for good. Relapse prevention class and one-on-one counseling sessions are also important parts of the aftercare process. Staying in one of the rehabs in our network is a great way to start an addiction recovery program right. Nevertheless, it is equally important to develop strategies for maintaining sobriety after leaving the rehab facility. Don’t wait, call our drug rehab center in Kennesaw, Georgia today.