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The Dawson Recovery at our drug rehab facility in Pasadena, Texas has helped thousands of clients get relief from substance abuse. We are the number one ranked substance abuse treatment facility in Pasadena because we address the root causes of addiction and treat them accordingly. Our program has a high success rate because we include family in the addiction recovery process. The highly-experienced staff of professionals offer personalized treatment in a safe and comfortable environment. The addiction treatment center is structured to protect the privacy of the client and their family members.


Our full-service program offers treatment for alcohol, opioids, heroin, painkillers, crystal meth, cocaine and other prescription painkillers. Our addiction recovery center in Pasadena utilizes the necessary tools to help clients beat substance abuse problems once and for all. We combine personalized one-on-one counseling with targeted therapies to shift the mindset to make it more conducive to recovery.


Our program is overseen by a trained staff of addiction professionals with decades of experience. They are experienced in treating the underlying problems that lead to addiction. Our drug detox clinic in Pasadena carefully monitors the detoxification process from start to finish. Before detox, our professionals will perform an assessment to ensure that the entire process runs safely and smoothly.


Our addiction treatment facility in Pasadena also offers dual diagnosis for individuals with substance abuse issues and mental health disorders that are often underlying factors that exacerbate addictions. Treatment plans are tailored to meet individual needs. No one drug or alcohol addiction is the same. The Dawson Recovery addiction program provides options that will set you on the right path.


Depending on what type of care you need, we have both inpatient and outpatient options. We also offer more extended rehab that may increase your chances of success. Evidence-based treatments are backed up by evidence from scientific trials. Our addiction recovery facility in Pasadena offers private rooms and other holistic treatments like yoga and acupuncture to provide added comfort to the process. The integration of family members in the recovery process provides the compassion and encouragement necessary to reach your goals.


There are many substance abuse facilities in your area. We are confident that most rehabs cannot offer the level of experience and expertise that we have. Dawson Recovery drug rehab centers are staffed by some of the most experienced therapists in the industry.


Addiction is something you cannot handle alone. Attempting to self-detox can be very dangerous. If you are in the grips of alcohol and drug dependency, you cannot bet it alone. In fact, attempting to detox on your own can land you in the hospital. Certain procedures must be utilized to ensure a safe and beneficial detox.


If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, call Dawson Recovery immediately. Our team of professionals are all too familiar with what addictions can do to the person using, as well as their family members. Our caring staff will make your stay as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Clients will feel at ease knowing that our quality of care is top-notch.


Our mission is to get you to your optimum physical and mental state. Long and lasting recovery is our mission. For immediate help, call our drug rehab center in Pasadena, Texas and one of our licensed professional will assist you. We will have you on the road to recovery in no time at all. Don’t wait.